Vishalakshi Temple : Varanasi

According to scholar Jones, Shaktipeeth was originally a part of Panth Pooja in the form of local deities by tribals, which had been associated with Shakti Peeths under the influence of Brahmins for centuries, and now there is a lasting impression on people's mind. . In the coordination of various religious beliefs in the country, 108 gods and goddesses are assimilated in the Shaktipeeth list.

Annapurna, Shiva's wife is the goddess of food and form of Parvati, she has been given the title of "huge eye". His most famous temple is in Varanasi, where he is considered a Goddess. In the Skanda Purana, the story of Rishi Vyas, who cursed Varanasi, has been told as nobody in the city has given him food. Finally, Visalakshi is seen as a house wife and gives food to diameter. This role of Visalakshi is similar to Annapurna, which provides food to her husband Shiva, whose appetite can be taken from her food. Shiva, happy with the food of Annapurna, establishes Varanasi and recruits him as his goddess. Vishalakshi, the Goddess of Varanasi temple, was initially identified with Annapurna, although at the same time, a different goddess was formed, resulting in the Goddess Temple.

Visalakshi, "wide-eyed" goddess is often associated with two other deities: Kanchipuram and Meenakshi's "love-eyed" goddess, Kamakshi, Madurai's "fish-eyed", mainly due to their common names. All three are only The most important goddess temples are considered by the South Indians. While Visalakshi lives in North India, other goddess temples are in Tamil Nadu, South India. South Indians venerated Vishalakshi and made strong ties with the temple. South Indian Tamil people also helped in the restoration of the temple in 1971. Vimalakshi Temple: Three temples dedicated to the Goddess across India are very famous among the Hindus. Kanchi Kamakshi, Madurai Meenakshi and Kashi Vishalakshi It is one of the 52 Shaktipeeths. Shakti Peeth The goddess cut off from the disc of Lord Vishnu is a part of Sati's separate body.

What are Shaktipeeth?

According to Hindu holy scriptures, when Devi Sati had betrayed Lord Shiva, Niravraj was unhappy with this marriage. Dakrajraj was the father of Sati Devi. Once, Nakharaj arranged a great yagna. They invited all the gods and goddesses. However, deliberately prevented him from sending invitations to Lord Shiva and Sati. When Sati disobeyed Lord Shiva, he went to the place where Yajna was being performed. When the dawn started using abusive remarks against Lord Shiva, due to being unable to bear Sati, he made a jump in the vivid transformation of yagna and thus put his life in it. Then the affected Shiva killed Dakrajaraj. However, their fury and grief did not subside, and they started taking away dead bodies of Sati. It is said that Lord Vishnu had cut the dead body of Goddess Sati. These bodies fell on many places in India and they were ever fallen and worshiped at that place.

The place where the Vishalakshi temple is now seen, was the place where the eyes of Goddess Sati fell.

The deity is considered very active and powerful in the temple. It is said and it is believed that all the incomplete desires here are fulfilled. Many uneducated girls have got the right match after worshiping the Goddess. Many infatuation couples have got a boon of bright children and even misfortune is considered to be good luck that they worship this deity.