Annapurna Temple : Varanasi

Kashi khand states that devotees should revolve around Bhavani [Annapurna] 108 times in the Chaitra month, the Shukla Paksha Ashtami. By doing so, the devotees will get the benefit of the revolutions of all the mountains, seas, divine ashrams, all the lands and the whole world. The worshipers should revolve around this god eight times daily and worship Annapurna. If devotees have to face any difficulty in Kashi, then they should worship Mother Annapurna and they will be kept with all the prosperity and their obstacles will be overcome. Kashi section has described the greatness of Bhavani (Annapurna)


Annapurna Devi is located on D-9/1, Annapurna Temple. It is a narrow lane or street which is known in the temple as the Dnyaneshnath Gali. See Vindeshwar Temple for directions to reach the place. During Navratri, the devotees worship this god in the form of a form of Durga in Navdurga, which is called Mahagauri Durga and worshiped on the 8th day of Navaratri.

Type of worship:

The place of worship is open from 04:00 to 10:00 in the morning. Aarti is organized at 12:00 noon and 08:30 and 10:00 am, there is also anandaadaam in the temple premises in the afternoon, where devotees can go for free meals.