Kashi Vishvanath Jyothirlinga : Varanasi

Pokravkar Chaitanya and Sanatan Brahma have assumed the form of Saguna Vishwaroop in the form of an initial nirguna form or form. Shiva Shakti Ropaa (male) and Stree (female) were rebuilt. Prakrit and man (nature and man) (Shiva-Shakti) was once held by Shiv to create the best creature in the universe to do penance. They specified the best place for this purpose. When a prayer was organized, Nirguna Shiva built an amazing city called Panchkoshi with its powers and aura. Vishnu, who lived there, spent a lot of time praying to Shiva, after which several waterfalls were born. Vishnu was surprised at this amazing phenomenon, and even when he bowed his head, a gem fell from his ear. Due to this place, it was also called Manikarnika. The entire Panch Koshi of Manikarnika water was then collected by Shiva in Trishul. Then from the navel of Vishnu, a lotus flower was born with Brahma in it. Brahma was ordained to make the world by Shiva, on which Brahma composed this wonderful world. In it there were fifty million plan areas and fourteen people. To save the lives of people bound by their deeds or actions. Shiva kept the Panchkoshi city away from the entire universe. In this city, Shiva himself founded the liberator Jyotirling, which he could never leave. Shiva removed this Kashi from his trident and established him in this mortal world. At the end of Brahma's day it was not to be destroyed, but during the Holocaust, that is, during the last destruction of the world, Shiva saved it by keeping it in its trident. Kashi is called Avimukta Kshatra. In Kashi, Avimukteshwar Linga is forever. Those who can not hope for salvation, they attain moksha. Kashi Vishwanath - Varanasi

This most holy city of Panchkoshi, with the ability to destroy every conceivable sin, is a special salvation vehicle named "Samyag". This is the reason that this city which is ruled by Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, is the place, where Divine also wants to die. There are virtues of Tamugun and Rudra from the inside of the Sarguna and the outside. When the prayer was done, Vishwanath Bahgaavan Shri Shankar made this place of residence and resided there with Parvati.

Glory of Kashi:

Kashi Nagari is the place of salvation and Ganges. Those who live here receive liberation or salvation, even without traveling to any pilgrim place. Anyone, whether it be a man, a woman, a youth, a partner, a person, a person can become pure or impure, who receives all the liberation, childlessness, dysentery, homosexuality, indigenous people. There is no doubt about quota. Whatever a person is doing, can eat, sleep or do anything, if he goes away from this world with Avimukteshvar, then he definitely attains liberation. Any small task of goodness or virtue takes away all the sins. Good and bad people are born on this earth. But living in Kashi gives salvation to both of them. Later, many people came forward to build this temple. A monastery named Banar developed this place of pilgrimage. About 1.5 thousand beautiful temples were built here. Tower of Vishveswar temple is a hundred feet high.

Kashi Nagar is so great that even if the universe is destroyed in the event of the catastrophe, it will remain intact. Dandpani and Kalbhairav ​​protect this city. They live there forever. Eighty-four bathing ghats are located on the Ganges coast. There are also many shrines of pilgrimage. From the time of Vedas they are there

History of Kashi Vishwanath Temple:

Kashi Vishweshwar Temple As we now see, it is in 1777 AD. In Ahilya goddess Holkar was built. 1785 AD In the then King Mansaram of Kashi and his son Belvant Singh built many more temples near Varanasi. 1755 AD In, the Awad Pentoff Representative (Representative) repaired the old temple of Bindumadhav and renovated it beautifully. The construction of the Kalbhairav ​​Temple was made by Shri Banti Rao Peshwa in 1852 AD. Was done in

King Ranjit Singh had to sleep near the tower of Kashi Vishwanath temple. A huge bell hangs in the temple. It was donated by the King of Nepal. Around the Sarnath, many Buddha stupas, Viharas and Chaitras are home. 1931 AD In Mahabodhi society, a beautiful Buddha temple was built in Sarnath.

Hindu devotees go to Kashi to make offerings. Here they perform many rituals and consider themselves blessed. Also, many foreign tourists visit this place regularly. Places to see include ghats, temples, ascetics and surrounding natural beauty. Kashikhet and Sri Vishweshwar Jyotirling are connected in the form of the most sacred temples of the world. Here the Ganges water is considered to be the elixir of the earth. Death in Kashi or cremation is considered as a way of Heaven. Kashi - Rameshwar (1) is the main pilgrimage for Hindus.