Kedareshwar Temple : Varanasi

Kedareshwar of Kashi is said to be equal to Kedareshwar of the Himalayas.

Kashi Kedar Mahatmya tells that Lord Kedareshwar kept his fifteen urn in Kashi and he is in Kedareshwar with sixteen arts.

In Kedareshwar Kashi, Raja Chatta appeared from the food made from green gram, which was kept as Naivedya.

Kedareshwar Temple is present on Kedar Ghat. The meaning of Kedar is that place where the crop of independence grows and Kedareshwar temple in Varanasi, where people have got freedom from their sins. The significance of the Varanasi Kedareshwar temple is equal to the Himalaya Kedareshwar, according to Mahatma Kesi Kedar, Lord Kedareshwar performed his fifteen arts (Kashtis) in Kashi and in the last sixteen he appeared in Kedareshwar Varanasi with a green gram meal. By King Maandhata The original Kedar is located in the Himalayan region of Uttarakhand and the estimated height is 12000 feet. Himalaya Kedar is one of the twelve lighting of India.

Kedareshwar temple is situated in the southern part of the city Kedar Ghat is one of the respectable sites of southern Kashi. It seems that a river temple is sitting on top of an impressive ghat and situated at the height of the edge of the water, and these vertical streaks from the river are reflected in red and yellow colors. This noise is the uninterrupted location of sounds, although the Dashashamshedha and Vishwanath Ghat are the places around it. It is believed that the Kedareshwar temple was built in the last quarter of the 11th century and before this 12th century this temple is situated on the right side of Jagmohan, in which the record of receiving donations from the devotees is recorded.

The Kedareshwar temple, which is donated by King Pramadi, is also known as the younger brother of Ganga and also as the king of Ananthaman and Chodganga. This temple is just 4 km away from the new Varanasi and is dedicated to Lord Shiva, where the scores of local and outsiders come every day. Kedareshwar is the local name of Lord Shiva and the most important thing is that Lord Shiva and his husband Mata Parvati Devi left the human body at this place. Who is Shivaradha in this temple which is always preserved by Lord Shiva, it is a spiritual belief of the Hindus.

Kashi of Kedar is the anchor temple in the southern region of the city, which is called Kedar section. It is one of the most popular and venerable temples of southern Kashi. Kedar is a river temple, which is sitting on top of an impressive ghat on the water side. From the river, the temple is distinguished by its vertical red and yellow stripes. Kedar is the religious center point of the southern part of the city. There is a fairly sacred and deep sacred place here and it is uninterrupted by the noise of pilgrims from Dashashwamedh Ghat to Vishwanath and its surrounding temples. Pilgrims coming from outside usually do not go there. They do not know about this and the guides do not take them there because the priests do not pay any money to bring pilgrims to the temple. Kedar is primarily a temple for dedicated residents of that area.