Triveni Sangam : PrayaagRaaj

Triveni Sangam, located about 7 kilometers from Civil Lines Township in Allahabad, is the junction point of three rivers - Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati (which is a mythological river which had dried centuries ago). Both Ganges and Yamuna are extremely sacred rivers in Indian mythology, and hence the religious significance has gained from the confluence point of these rivers.

According to Hindu mythology, bathing in holy confluence is believed to remove all sins and free them from the cycle of rebirth. Also, Sangam itself is a beautiful and peaceful place. The brown Ganga that meets the green Yamuna is really worth seeing. If you ride the boat in the water flowing through the Ganges and Yamuna, then you will be able to distinguish between two rivers of water. There are also wood made of wood on the Sangam. Therefore, those devotees who want to be able to take a bath at the confluence point. Water is sufficiently clean for bathing at the confluence, especially during the winter; And this is not too deep, so here is something else to dip in water.

Sangam passes through a complete transformation and when the world famous Kumbh Mela seems here it takes a completely different form. Seeing thousands of pilgrims together, happiness and peace can not be described in words, and it is an experience which can only be felt.