Railway Museum : Gorakhpur

This rail museum and amusement park is a new attraction of the city, which was inaugurated on July 2, 2007 and it is one of its kind in UP. The museum exhibits the economic, technological and cultural development of the NER as well. The main attraction of this museum is Lord Lawrence's steam engine, which was built in London in 1874 and was brought to India by sea. This was the first engine used by NER, once it was turned on. There is also a gallery in the museum, which contains many important articles, such as saloons, watches used in furniture, uniform used by railway men in different times, a photo gallery, related to railway traffic control Materials, library etc. A toy ride is the train. Also available for children. A unique food plaza, placed in a railway compartment, enhances the attraction of this place.

It is located in front of Park Road. It is open from 12 to 9 p.m. on all other days except on Monday. After the ticket window, Ashok goes towards a road museum with a tree. There is a mini toy train on the left for children to enjoy. After taking a ten rupee ticket for the toy train, the children can ride on it which runs around the museum. The museum has a large crane, a steam engine and a road roller of the past. The main attraction of this museum is the Lord Lawrence Steam engine, which was built in London in 1874. Going down the museum, a beautiful children's park can be seen with saws and other small rides. A Porter has a human shaped statue, a nurse and a signalman are also present. There are many small galleries in the museum, which show information like railway history and progress, trophies won by NE Railway etc. Where there is a unique food plaza on the small train compartments made of mini restaurants with tables and chairs.