'Geeta Press' - This name is a complete introduction to itself. This institution is very much the image of Divine resolution, which has acted as a driving force for its establishment. The Geeta Press was established in 1923 to serve humanity for truth, love and peace. This Gobind Bhawan is a unit of Karalia, Kolkata, which is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, (currently governed by the West Bengal Society Act, 1960). Since 1923, it has been promoting and spreading ethics and spirituality through its literature all over the world.

The founder of this institute was Mr. Jaidayalji Goyandka (Sethji), who was a God-Soul. They resorted to Geeta and started publishing ethical and spiritual books to promote righteous and righteous thoughts and feelings at a large scale.

For the fulfillment of the object of the Gita Press, the spiritual spirit was made by the late Sri Hanuman Prasadji Poddar (brother-in-law), who was the first editor of spiritual monthly 'Kalyan', contributing to this sacred venture. His live message delivered through 'Kalyan' is truly unforgettable.

The main purpose of the Gita Press is to publish books on spiritual, moral and charitable books at subsidized prices, which are less than their actual cost.

Of the 1744 present publications of Geeta Press, 826 are in Sanskrit and Hindi. The remaining publications are mainly Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Oriya and Bengali in English and other Indian languages. The Press also removes two monthly magazines - 'Kalyan' in Hindi and 'Kalyan-Kalpataru' in English. Kalyan has a subscription of 2.14 lakhs. Devotion, knowledge, religiousness, dispute, good conduct through these journals. Ethics Spirituality, virtuous emotions and other divine signs are pervasive in people. Each year, the first issue of these magazines is the main and the special issue and the remaining eleven monthly digits are there.

The publication of Geeta Press is available with its 19 branches, 42 station-stalls and thousands of bookshelters. From time to time, new publications are advertised in 'Kalyan' and 'Yug-Kalyan' etc. These publications are also displayed and sold in bookmakers, book exhibitions, and religious fairs etc.

This institution neither requests any kind of donation nor accepts commercial advertisements in its magazines.

During the year 2012-13, Rs. 47.30 crore was sold and 56.4 lakh kg of paper was used for their publication. Sales during 2013-14 are Rs. 50 million

By March 2014, the Geeta Press had published 5825 lakh copies of books including 1142 lakh copies of Geeta in Indian languages.

For visitors of the Geeta Press, its main door is a main attraction. It represents the temple architectural styles from all over the country and in the form of its main mascot, the Gita - is the chariot of Lord Krishna and Arjuna at the time of preaching.

In Leela-Chitra-Mandara (Art Gallery), hand paintings have been demonstrated. These include pictures and pictures of various deities and are based on games played by Lord Rama and Krishna and some other incarnations. In this Chitra-Mandir, the entire Gita is engraved on the marble slab on four interior walls.

It was temporarily closed on wages issues in December 2014, but after a few days the work started again.