Bithoor : Kanpur

Bithoor is a strange city in the Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, which is considered an important center for pilgrimage for Hindus. With its religious importance, there is also a good part of historical places in Bithoor. Bithoor is immersed in local legends, religious myths, popular artifacts and ancient ruins. The city was called the place of love and Kush, which is the chief of Hindu mythology of the Ramayana. While sacrificing, there was also a rumor of being the place of Lord Brahma, and the name of the city of Bithoor was taken from Brahma Vart; The place where Lord Brahma stayed. The city saw one of the largest revolt movements in India's freedom struggle. Situated on the banks of the Majestic Ganges, there is enough historical and mysterious to overcome your historical curiosity in the old world city, and apart from this, when you need to breathe or away from the chaos of the cities are away for some time.

Places to visit

1. Brahmavart Ghat

Brahmavarta is a holy ghat on the banks of powerful Ganga, just 2.5 kilometers from Bithoor. This ghat is an important pilgrimage site for Hindus, which is situated in front of the natural background of Ganga river with abundance of history. According to Brahmavart Ghat, which was first recognized in the form of religious texts as Utpalitary Forest, it is believed that Lord Brahma resided Ashwamedha Yagya, and was the rumored to be horse horse, Lord Brahma.

Ashwamedha's horse cord age is a testament to old legend which is the main driving force which brings tourists and spiritualists to this place. After the completion of the sacrifice, the eulogy forest is known as Brahmavarta, which is the seat of Brahma. This place is also reportedly where Lord Brahma has said that he first created mankind with humans; Manu and Shatarupa

There is a small temple in the valley, which is one of the few temples in the country which is dedicated to Lord Brahma. There is a Shivalinga in the temple called Brahmeshwara Mahadev, which was established after the completion of the Yajna by Lord Brahma. In the temple there are wooden slippers to remember the sacred steps of Lord Brahma. There is also a knot in the temple grounds, which is considered to be the center of the whole earth. The temple plays a major role in linking the religious significance of this place and sees a good part of the devotees throughout the year.

The ghat is a quiet and peaceful place for you to stay away from the monotonous daily routine of life. Small boats are also available for boat ride in Ganga, people dive in the river before going to the temple, because according to Hindu belief, immersion in the Ganges gets rid of their worldly sins.

2. Valmiki Ashram

Valmiki Ashram is a complex which holds several small rooms marked for its religious and historical significance on Bithoor Road, about one kilometer from Brahmavarta Ghat. The premises is a type of monument founded by Peshwa ruler Nana Rao Peshwa II, it is also the birthplace of love and Kush; Son of Lord Rama and Sita from the legendary epic Ramayana. Luv Kush Janamthal is reportedly the exact place where Luv-Kush was born. Rishi Valmiki also started living here after being away from his life as a robber who we know him even today. Rishi Valmiki is best known for writing Ramayana's epic saga, Valmiki Ashram is also the place where the story of Ramayana came in the hands of Rishi Valmiki.

Love Kush also received his education from Valmiki himself at the Valmiki Ashram. There is a small chamber inside the premises called Sita Kitchen which was a kitchen used by Sita after separation from Lord Rama. Sita never went back to Lord Rama and asked Mother to take her completely from the earth, it also happened in Valmiki Ashram and the name of the demarcated place is Sita Palatal Pravesh. There is also a room where Lord Rama was rumored to have Lord Hanuman to find the place of Sita and Love-Kush.

3. Pathar Ghat

Pithar Ghat is set on the banks of the holy Ganges in Bithoor, built by Tikait Roy. This ghat is made with an attractive red sandstone with ancient architecture, which is the most important feature of the Ghat, and where the Ghat gets its name; With the translation of stone in Hindi. There is also a small temple in the Ghat which is dedicated to Lord Shiva, which is situated in the stone or stone of Phosphor temple, because it is locally known. Set against the background of the delightful Ganga, this place has a quiet effect on all its visitors. Visitors sometimes dip into the Ganges.

4. Dhruv Mound

Dhruv Tila, 2 kilometers away from Bithoor, is the place where a child named Dhruv delighted Lord Brahma by meditating on one leg. Pleased with his devotion, Lord Brahma appeared in front of him and gave him the boon of being immortal in the form of a bright star in the vast galaxy. The name of the star was also named after Dhruv and Dhruv was known as Tara. This place makes you feel frightened by the magic and secrets of ancient times.

5. Bithoor Fort

Bithoor Fort is an imported historical place which spreads over 20 acres and played an integral role in the 1857 uprising. Nana Sahab was the adoptive son of Peshwa ruler Baji Rao II, during his tenure in Bithoor, Mithoor fort was made its headquarters. Which was a part of Konpore district (present day Kanpur). This fort was the place where Rana Laxmi Bai and Tatya Tope together with Nana Saheb planned to attack and siege the British regiment, in response to which the British bombarded Bithoor Fort. At present, the ruins of the fort are only ruins, which have seen significant freedom struggle by the brave freedom fighters.

6. Nana Saheb Rao Park

To encourage tourism, the state government has also established a memorial park named Nana Saheb Rao Park within the museum complex, which is also called Company Bagh. Before the independence of 1857, due to the massacre of British women and children, there was a memorial vine in place of the memorial built to mourn the life of the children. After independence, the memorial was shifted to the second place and statues of freedom fighters such as Rani Lakshmi Bai, Tatya Tope were made in Nana Saheb Rao Park, which was named after the main player in the rebellion of 1857.

This park has a decade old banyan tree, which is said to be the place where the British had ordered mass executions of many Indian soldiers. The tree serves a historical purpose and therefore it has been preserved, it is a gentle reminder of those conflicts which the country had to face to achieve an independent status.

There is also a museum in the park, in which there is an independent gallery with the imperial orders, coins, tickets and other ancient objects, such as the historical remains of the colonial period.

Nana Saheb Rao Park has a well established route and a public pool, it is quite famous within the local people who come here for a morning walk, a walk or a swim in the pool.

There is also a small nursery within the park complexes, host for a wide range of varieties of plants. The proper variety of local bird species is also visible in the park.

7. Deepa Malika Sambha

It has an elevated tower near the Sita kitchen, the 7th round kept in spiral fashion in the tower has 48 staircases which take you to the top of the tower. During the festival of Diwali, the twisting tower is seen in the diya (lamp lamps) and there is nothing spectacular or straight from the postcard.

8. Siddhi Dham Ashram

Siddhi Dham Ashram is 4 km away from Bithoor; Founded by the spiritual master Sudhanshuji Maharaj. The ashram is the center of meditation and spiritual activities and in it are the temples of Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Lord Hanuman, Devi Parvati and Goddess Radha. There is a wonderful garden in the ashram, in which the statues of the deities are spread throughout the garden, there is also a fountain in the garden right in front of the artificially built cave. There is also a small aquarium with tiger sharks and catfish, besides a small encounter that includes some types of foreign birds such as Macaw and cocatos. This place is similar to religious and spiritual seekers and is actually a calm and peaceful environment, which is perfect for a small stop away from busy schedules to reflect on your thoughts.

9. Iscon Temple

Kanpur Iskcon Temple is about 11 kms away from Bithoor on the banks of holy Ganges, the temple is dedicated to Radha and Madhava and there are small temples of Lord Ram, Devi Sita, Lord Laxman and Lord Hanuman. The temple is an important center of pilgrimage for the local people and festivals like Diwali, Holi and Janmashtami are celebrated in a grand manner. The temple is open from 4:30 am - 01:00 and 04:00 pm - 08:30 and organizes Bhagavad Gita classes everyday.

The park has been divided into several areas which have been created to relay the essence of the subject which has been modeled after it.

10. Blue World Theme Park

The 25-acre theme park is just 5 kilometers from Bithoor, one of the region's largest water parks. There are all the latest facilities in the park and there are rides and activities for all age groups. There are also land slides and pools along with Land Rides in addition to a 7-D theater and a constellation in the park. There are also Kidi pools with the provisions of fun rides and boating for kids in the park.

European Theme: This part has been constructed to resemble London's streets, and is best for photo ops. The road really feels like one out of London and goes all the way to the herd with the visitors.

Fairy Land Water World: This area has been prepared with fairy and angels after a fictional land, children especially love it. This place looks just outside of a fairy tale and it has all the water kunds and slides.

Chinese theme: A Chinese dragon figure with a bridge and a restaurant serving authentic Chinese food.

Jungle theme: This area has been built after a forest, in which there are oranges between animal sculptures such as giraffe, lion, elephant and others. This place looks like a jungle and is very popular with visitors.

Myan and Missouri theme: This part of the theme park is after the ancient Egyptians and Mayan heritage. This area is designed to replicate the ancient Maya and Egyptian architecture.

Indian Theme: This part is a confluence of many Indian cultures and is an ideal blend of various regional architectural influences around the country.

There are 3 restaurants in the theme park, an air-conditioned multi-cuisine restaurant in the Aquarium Waterfront. The park also has a ship restaurant which is an open air restaurant by the pool and serves a variety of dishes and Punjabi Village restaurant; Which serves delicious North Indian fare.

11. Jungle Water Park

Jungle Water Park is about 6 kms away from Bithoor and there is a myriad of water reservoirs and funny slides. There is a wave pool and children's playing area in the park and there are also slides for the kids as well as adults. It's great for the whole family.

12. Sports Village Park

This entertaining park is 8 kilometers from Bithoor and its premises has a huge pool, which has a variety of fun slides which take you to the pool. This place is fun and spectacular for a day trip.

13. Mowgli Water Park

Mowgli Water Park is about 6 km from Bithoor, the park spreads over 11 acres of area and has various types of rides and pools. The park also has an artificial lake with boating facilities, you can also ride a camel in the park. For all your hunger needs, there is a small restaurant adjacent to the park.

Bithoor is one of the few places that boasts its magnificent and spectacular past, which makes the comfortable city more attractive for its visitors. And if your bag is not packing in history, then go there for the feeling of calm and lavish sunset on the banks of the Ganges, which is not behind anyone.