Parks and Garden's in Varanasi

City Varanasi has various popular parks and gardens. People come and relax in these parks and gardens. People of all age come here and spend their time such as old people come here to do exercise and young people come here to entertain themselves. These parks are named on the name of popular people who lived in Varanasi and done remarkable things in their life. Some of famous parks and gardens are given below with the images.

Machodari Park

This park is about 1 km from the Guy ghat if one came alongside of the river Ganga. This park is located nearby Rabindranath Tagore Road at Kotwali in Varanasi city.

Dumraubagh Park

This parks is very popular park and not so much large, but have few benches to sit for people and has a jungle gym. This park is located near the Assi ghat.

Nehru Park

This park is one of the most clean park as if we compared to the other parks in this city. There are lots of things to entertain like slide swings and other things to play for children also. This park is located next to the JHV multiplex on the Mall road at the area of Cantonment Varanasi. 

Shahid Udyan

This park is very popular. This park was built in the memory of people who have lost their lives in war. So the name derived as Shahid Udyan. This park opens only in morning and evening.

Rose Garden

This Garden is popular for different varieties of roses found. This garden is very popular garden of Varanasi. Lots of students and youngsters from the university and all over the city come here to relax and spend time. This garden is very famous among the young couples.

Shivala Park

This park is the oldest one park in the city. This park turned into a jungle now as of no maintenance. There are benches only at the starting point. 

Ravidas Park

This park is located at Nagwa in Varanasi. The name derived from the Sant Ravidas. There are lots of slides and swings and parents came with their children to spend time and entertain. One has to take entry ticket to enter this park, Rs 5 for adult and Rs 2 for children.