Nepali Ghat : Varanasi

Hevel (1905: 130) described this ghat: "Where, the stone was recruited into the embankment, and completely covered by the river in the rainy season, there is a very small temple of the Ganga, on the Ganga, the crocodile Sitting is represented as a female figure above, this is a staircase case, which is surrounded by Nepalese temples, a very beautiful building, magnificent tamarind and peepal trees, made mainly of wood and brick. C Excellent projecting year supported by double-storied roof, bracket, "Architecture of Nepal and other sub-Himalayan districts." The great is protected by a Nepali, and a permanent building was made by Nanhi Babu in c.1902. Nepalese residents (Nepali Khapra) dominate this area.