Mir Ghat : Varanasi

This ghat represents two old sites of Jarasandeshwara and Vragadhyay, which was converted to Meer Rustom Ali in 1735. At present, pilgrims throw flowers and raw rice in the Ganga and remember them in the name of these two shrines. The surrounding temples and images are called Varadditya, Asa Vinayakas, Yagya Varahand Vyalalkasi ("The Wide-Eyed", which is one of the 52 Shakti-Peaks of the Goddess.) Another important site is Dharmakup, which has a holy well surrounded by five shrines. And Diodaseshwar Lingam too. The temple of Dharmashala is connected to the myth of Yama (Lord of death) power on the fate of the dead everywhere except on Kashi. With the assumption that due to the entry of lower caste ("untouchables") the temple of Visvesvar / Vishwanath became defiled, very conservative Brahmin and sect leader, Shavmi Karpatri-ji founded the "New Vishwanath Temple". 1956 above the pier. On the steps, under a pump tree, perform rituals in honor of the ancestors in the water-display.