Jain Ghat : Varanasi

Before 1931, Jain Ghats of Varanasi were a part of Vacharaaja Ghat. Later, the Jain community created a 'concrete' ghat and named it Jain Ghat. Therefore, Jain Ghat can be known as the Ghat associated with the Chakkahar Ghat. Jain ghats especially have special significance for the Jain community of India and Varanasi. The 7th Jain Tirthankar of the Shwethambar sect was born in the neighborhood of Vaikaraja Ghat and Subhashnath was remembered and also a temple that remembered Tirthankara. In 1931 Babu Shekhar Chanda made it "Pakka" and named it Jain Ghat as a separate Ghat. Jain Ghat was earlier a part of the Bachraj Ghat. In 1931, the Jain community built a strong ghat and changed its name to Jain Ghat. At the southern end, the Jain community baths and do their regular activities and occupy the boats families at the northern end. This is the birth place of Jawans 7th Tirthankar Subedranath.