Bhadaini Ghat : Varanasi

Bhadaini Ghat is located very close to the expansive Janaki Ghat, Bhadaini Ghat holds a certain religious significance with its specific location. The remains of rustic and sacred buildings depict rich tradition and spiritual attraction on this gorge, though now clear vision is a huge water tank which supplies water to the entire neighborhood. The religious prominence of this place is due to the famous temple of Sun located here. The attractive eighty ghats and the amazing Tulsi Ghat near this valley. There is a huge pumping set of waterworks in the ghat which supplies water to the entire city. There are no bath or religious activities here. Any religious or day-to-day social activities are avoided by holding here strictly. Though Bhadanei Ghat is famous, but not for any religious reason. Bhadaini Ghat is one of Varanasi's oldest sacred sites, which has its name from the famous Sun Temple. The name of Janaki Ghat is named after Surasand, the Queen of the State, and after Anandmoyi, Anandamoyee Ghat Watcharaja Ghat is a holy place for the Jain community, because it is close to the birthplace of the seventh Jain Tirthankar. Next to it is the Jain Ghat, which has two Jain temples. Nishadaraj Ghat, named after a legendary and brave fisherman named Nishad in Ramayana, is a place for boat runners and fishermen.