NIRVANA STUPA : Kushinagar

Nirvana Stupa, also known as Nirvana Chaitya, is located behind Mahaparinirvana temple. Temple and 2 m4 meter tall stupa both 15 Constructed 1 meter with high dome is made on a circular basis on the same platform. Stupa is made of bricks and in 1876 Gen A. During the excavation done by Cunningham, India's first Archaeological Survey of India, was discovered along with the temple. It was restored by the ACL in its original state. Carlyle in the same year. It is believed that the entire monument was constructed by the Mall to keep the remains of Buddha. It was further developed by Emperor Ashoka. A disciple of Buddha, called Haribala, brought stupas to Mathura at his present place in Kushinagar during the reign of Emperor Kumar Gupta of Gupta Dynasty. In the latter excavation by the Archaeological Survey of India, a copper vessel containing Buddha's ashes was discovered. An inscription on the vessel confirms the intrinsification of Buddha's remains at this place.