Mathakuar Shrine : Kushinagar

In India, Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh is a sleepy Hamlet situated on the banks of river Gandak, which is famous for its stupas and monuments. From old stupas and monuments to important Buddhist remains, Kushinagar has emerged as an important tourist destination which attracts travelers everywhere. One of the important tourist attractions of Kushinagar is Mathukar Tirtha, Kushinagar. provides online information about Mathukar Teerth of Uttar Pradesh, Kushinagar and other tourist attractions and other parts of India. Center: Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh is one of the holy places for Buddhist pilgrims in India. It is in this Kushinagar that Lord Buddha received his salvation or Mahaparinirvana. One of the important monuments in Kushinagar is Mathukar Tirtha, Kushinagar. From huge sculptures, residues to scriptures and coins, important historical evidence has been carefully observed in Dhakkumar Tirtha, Kushinagar. The excavation of the city was done in the 19th century: about 400 yards from Parinirvana Stupa is Mathurkar shrine of Kushinagar. One of the most interesting places in Kushinagar is Mathukar Tirtha, Kushinagar. Here you can find a 6-meter statue of Lord Buddha made of stucco and chunar stone. The statue represents Buddha in the Buddha's Bhaipiputra mudra, which is believed to have been described in the last few moments of his life before attaining salvation. According to the legends it is believed that Lord Buddha preached his last sermon before his death. Mathukar shrine, Kushinagar is considered to be the 10th century. It attracts tourists even today. Visitors consider it one of the important monuments of Kushinagar Mathukar Tirtha, Kushinagar is one of the important pilgrimage sites for Buddhist followers and attracts tourists for its historical associations. In addition to the Mathukar shrine, there are many tourists in Kushinagar. Attractions in Kushinagar From stupas to monuments, Kushinagar is the place where history has still kept its remains alive. With beautiful monasteries and stupas, this quiet place in Uttar Pradesh is one of the ideal places for travelers and pilgrims. Other major tourist destinations are Mahaparinirvana Stupa, Rambhara Stupa and Nirvana Temple. Wat Thai Temple is one of the most visited temples in Kushinagar. What is the meaning of the word "temple" in Thai? Japanese temple is a Chinese temple with Oriental design and there is also a Buddhist atmosphere in the decoration. These are the temples of Uttar Pradesh which will attract tourists too. Many Buddhist pilgrims go to Kusinagar on these temples, pilgrimages and monuments and enjoy the beauty of this old city.