Wat Thai Temple : Kushinagar

Kusinagar is the most beautiful and scenic spot. As one of the famous temples of Uttar Pradesh and the Indian sub-continent, it is located in the center of Kushinagar and attracts tourists from all sides. Wat Thai temple in Kushinagar, Kushinagar can be seen from everywhere, which makes it more interesting. It is one of the holy places in Kushinagar. Among the scattered greenery, undoubtedly covers a vast area and it is one of the ideal places to live. The Wat Thai temple of Kutinagar was first designed to serve as the Forest monastery. There is a rich variety of flowers in the place of Wat Thai temple, Kushinagar where you can find many different flowers, orchids and trees. Watt Thai Temple, Kushinagar was built in honor of the golden jubilee celebration of the throne of King Bhumibol. Of Thailand To celebrate this special program of the Wat Thai temple, Kusinagar was built, which is now one of the major tourist attractions. It was opened to the public in 2001, it is one of the best temples of Kushinagar. Its experts can see the beautiful tourist attractions of Kushinagar. One of the major sites is Rambhara Stupa. Interesting tourist sites are beautiful temples and stupas. In addition, you can plan for travel to Meditation Park and Japanese Garden. Kushinagar Museum along with Nirvana Temple, Mahaparinirvana Stupa, Mathukar Tirtha are some of the important tourist spots. The Japanese temple is one of the beautiful temples of Uttar Pradesh and the Chinese temple will also attract Oriental design and decoration. Tourists. There is a Buddhist d├ęcor in temples. Apart from this, there are many parks and gardens in this city and even the historical monument.