Arogya Mandir : Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur Health Center is one of the most prestigious wellness centers in Gorakhpur. In this health rejuvenation camp, the body and brain disorders are treated after natural treatment methods and yoga are done in their original form. This wellness center induces a natural treatment process in the body that promotes self-defense forces and enables health and medical attention. It tries to give you lesson and treatment to enjoy a sound natural life in just 10 days. The main and only purpose of this health center is to provide you a happy and fit life. It fully suggests a 10-day program for fitness seekers based on medical examination and disease testing.

They have been introduced to facilitate the patients coming from distant places in the Gorakhpur health complex. It's elegantly appointed, simple and attractive with modern amenities. C. Offers deluxe, double-beded, four-bedged and eight-beded suites and dormitories. Some items of daily use provided by the center include mosquito nets, bed-pillows, bed-sheets and pillows. However, there are some things that are recommended to bring patients together and include cloth, winter blanket, watch, plate, knife, thermos, glass etc.

With the facility of living in Gorakhpur's Arogya Mandir, you can easily get some facilities, including 230 Consultation, Library, T. V., Green and Comprehensive Pollution Free Complex. Walking, Post Office, Telephone (STD / PCO / ISD), Laundry and Tailor.

History of Arogya Mandir (Gorakhpur)

Gorakhpur Health Temple was established in 1940 with Dr. Vithal Das was made by Modi, who was born on April 25, 1912 in Gorakhpur. Dr. Vitthal Das Modi was a graduate of Banaras Hindu University and he took active part in India's freedom struggle. He was a natural doctor, literary and philanthropist. He was also known as teacher of special section of 'Vipassana' meditation, taught by Gautam Buddha, until he died on March 23, 2000. This Vice-President of the All-India Nature-Cure Council wrote several books on Nature-Cure, of which 'simple grit of granules' was widely recognized and published in 14 volumes.

Activities in Arogya Mandir (Gorakhpur)

In the health temple of Gorakhpur, participants are trained to ensure health and welfare. Some of these are remedies



Yoga and pranayama


Hot shower

Steam on the body



Regular routine is prepared to implement the natural healing process and regularize the life-style of the participants in the Gorakhpur Health Temple, which includes the following randomized steps:

morning walk

evening walk

Yoga and Exercise (in the temple of Raju Krishnam Hall)

Laboratory test

Consult with doctors and treatment







Badminton game